A-SRHY Humidifiers General Beauty nano spray water meter USB mini humidifier Car aromatherapy purification humidifier 7.2 * 7.2 * 16.5 CM , green , cm 7.2*7.2*16.5

Product Name: Anion replenishment meter
Product size: 7.2 * 7.2 * 16.5 CM
Product net weight: 180g
Water tank capacity: 300 ml
Product Power: 2W
Product switch: key switch
Material: ABS + PC
Wire Specifications: USB cable length 1.0M
Packing material: environmental protection color paper box
Product color: pink, blue, green, white
Applicable area: 10 square meters or less
Function: Ultrasound
Number of fog outlets: 1
Operation: mechanical
Timing function: 2-8 hours
Water and power protection: not supported
Power supply: USB
Appearance: cylindrical
Noise: 36dB or less
Rated voltage: 5 (V)
Rated Power: 2 (W)
Suitable for: car

Product Features

  • Product weight: 7.2 * 7.2 * 16.5 CM, net weight: 180g, water tank capacity: 300ml, product power: 2W, product switch: key switch, product material: ABS + PC, wire specification : USB cable length 1.0M, for an area: 10 square meters, the following features: Ultrasound
  • Auto Shut Off: When water runs low – adds to safety, energy efficiency, and peace of mind- especially for use at night
  • Ultrasonic Operation: Humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu / cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry winter months
  • Safe and Easy to Use: 100% safe. And it is very easy to use, just fill with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Fill the space it was with a lovely fragrance that can lift your mood and relieve stress From Stressful and tired day
  • The air mist diffuse into the air, the air moist and the associated rich negative oxygen ion, achieve uniform humidification, fresh air, improve health, change the hot and dry in the winter heating, create a comfortable living environment

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Field Controls 13LAMP Replacement Lamp for UV-Aire Purification System, 13-Inch

Replacement Lamp for UV-Aire Purification System. 13 inch replacement lamp for use with Field Controls UV-Air Purification System. For use in all UV-Aire products that require 13 inch lamps.

Product Features

  • For use in all UV-Aire products that require 13 inch lamps
  • Easy lamp replacement, simple twist and lock
  • Genuine Field Controls part

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ROKOO Portable Health Nose Breathing Apparatus Air Purification Effectively Relieve Snoring CPAP Air Purifier

Shell: the shell shape, environmental ABS materials
Color: As the picture show
The effective angle of snoring
Clean air, filtered air of harmful gases and dust
Insist on using can effectively alleviate asthma
1.Please allow a little size error due to manual measurement.
2.Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc, the color tone of the website’s photo and the actual item could be slightly different.
1 x Nose Air Purifier

Product Features

  • Shell: the shell shape, environmental ABS materials
  • Color: As the picture show
  • Size:50*18*18mm
  • The effective angle of snoring
  • Clean air, filtered air of harmful gases and dust

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HLH-CTRL Car Air Purification Machine Car Sharing Filter


Produce efficient negative ions, fresh air has a significant effect.

Built-in electrostatic adsorption filter

Medical grade HEPA high efficiency fine filter dust particles

Granular activated carbon filter adsorption decomposition of various harmful gases, remove the smell

Comes with USB charging interface

Product Category: Air Purifier

Function: smoke removal

Power supply: car power, AC

Rated frequency: 60 (HZ)

Use of the environment: home. Car can be

Control mode: key type

Applicable area: 21? (inclusive) -30? (inclusive)

Filter type: Separate filter

How it works: Negative ions

color: red

Weight: 0.375kg

Air volume: 50-150 cubic meters / hour

Product Features

  • 1. Enhance immunity: negative ions combined with air after breathing into the human body, more easily combined with human blood, improve the body’s absorption of oxygen
  • 2. Bacteria: negative ions and bacteria combined, resulting in structural changes or energy transfer, leading to its death
  • 3. Fresh air: remove the dust in the air around the air, so that the air becomes pure and natural
  • 4. Neutral and positive ions: As the computer, home appliances in use or radiation generated positive ions, the machine will produce negative ions and positive ions
  • 5. Apply to: home, office, accounting room, toilet, pet house, business space and other space sterilization, antivirus, odor removal, clean air

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PYRUS Effective Area 15-20㎡ Mini Ozone and Negative Ion Air Purifier Anion Air Purification Machine for Bed Room, Living Room, Garage and Storage White

High output of negative ions at above 6kV
Stainless steel pin electrodes
Flashing neon to indicate output pulses and battery status
Ultrasonic frequency waves at about 30kHz
High ozone output using twin ozone generating tubes, <0.08 ppm over 8 hours
Effective area 15-20㎡(150-200 ft sq.)
Brushless long live D.C fan to blow ozone out of casing
Power consumption: <300mA
Dimension: 76× 63×83mm( 3″ ×2 1/2″ × 3 1/4″)

Always keep the unit clean with a dry cloth.
Use alkaline batteries because the unit requires even discharge characteristics. Do not use an unregulated power adapter, especially one with higher rating than 5V/6V D.C
. Use only the power adapter supplied.
Do not place the ozone output grill near any metal object as ozone will oxidize any metal in its path.
Do not attempt to repair the unit, because there are no serviceable parts inside.
Do not use in wet environments

The package:
There are four items in the gift-box:
1.The main unit
2.The mounting bracket with screws
3.The Adapter :DC 5V 1A
4.The instruction manual
Remark:This machine also works with Four AA alkaline batteries.

Every Pyrus product includes a 30 days money-back & 12-month worry-free warranty

Product Features

  • Technologically advanced air purification:This air purifer has dual output of ozone and negative ions. It is compact in size, technologically advanced, and can simultaneously eliminate odor and purify air. It is suitable for use in places such as the living room, bed room, garage, etc.
  • Professional negative ion generating method:It generates a sine wave high voltage, which is applied to two stainless steel pins thus releases negative ions. These negative ions are relatively free from harmful NOx molecules, unlike the ions produced from using high voltage pulses.
  • Minimal interference to nearby electrical appliances,CE,FCC,EMC,ROHS certificated, fireproof ABS material
  • Ozone de-odor ability effective over a wider area:the powerful ozone generated by twin neon is released by an internal fan, resulting in the effective dispersion of deodorizing ozone over a broader area.
  • Meet the international health safety standard:the amount of zone generated is well below the international health safety standard of 0.05ppm over 8 hours.

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Mini Hand Salt Lamp Wall Light, Oenbopo Mini Carved Natural Rock Crystal Himalayan Salt Wall Lamp Night Light for Bedrooms Home Air Purification 10W,220-240V(UK Plug)


1. Release negative ions into air

2. Radiation protection from computer, TV, and other electrical appliances

3. Purify the air, and clean your surrounding

4. Pressure relief


Bedroom, living room, corridor, office, study room, etc


Shape:Cylinder-shaped | Rectangle stone

Plug Type: Uk Plug

03 Cylinder-shaped(UK Plug), 10W,220-240V)

Material: 100% himalayan crystal salt

voltage: 220V

Lamps power: 10 watt

Cylinder: 5.4cm(Diameter)* 6.4cm(Lamp body length), total length is 9.5cm

Rectangle: 5.9cm(L)* 5.5cm(W) * 7cm (H), total height is 10cm

Package Included:

1 x Rotatable Himalayan Salt Night Light (Uk Plug)

Product Features

  • The Himalayan salt lamp made of Natural Himalayan salt crystal, which hand mined in the Himalayan mountains, well made and delicately carved
  • Heat the salt and the 10w crystal salt lamp releases negative ions into the air, and effectively balance the quantity of positive ions and negatice ions the surrounding air contains, it is a natural air purifier.
  • Biophysics researches and reveals the air purifying principle of the salt lamp, while the unique ion producing procedure onlys belongs to cystal salt mine.
  • Expert states that the salt lamp can add 500-700 negative ions each cubic centimeter to the air, which largely enrich the negative ions air already owes, thus effectively improve the air quality, and extremely great to locate it beside your computer, TV, refrigerators, etc
  • and resultfully shield the harmful radiation electric appliances bring. Hence, keep your air clean, fresh, sanitary and healthy for human to dwell.

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HLH-CTRL Car Humidifier Led Luminous Mini USB Air Purification Office Home , B

Product Name: Humidifier

Material: PMMA + ABS + atomized sheet

Product Size: 10cm * 10cm * 7.5cm

Product packaging: 10.5cm * 10.5cm * 9.7cm

Single weight / net weight: 265G

Color: blue, green, pink

The main function:

Fine fog can remove static electricity and reduce computer screen radiation

Reduce the micro-layer in the air and smoke pollution

On the human eye and skin play a role in care

Especially for air-conditioned rooms and heating room to play a humidification effect

Product Features

  • Power switch button, a key switch, convenient and practical
  • Universal USB interface, can be connected to the computer, mobile power, DC power supply, very convenient
  • Soft night effect, sleep comfortable
  • Anti-dry, a power protection, the normal use of 2 hours automatically power off, you can restart to use
  • Air humidification, lasting moisture

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Finoki Air Purifier,Ionic Air Purifier ,Car Air Purifier,air humidifier car, portable air purification Air Revitaliser Fresh Air Purifier Freshener Cleaner Ioniser (Gold)

Product Description:
Model: CP010
Applicable models: General
Power: <2 (W)
Power: 12 (V)
Anion Concentration:> 3 million
Temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C
Recommended size: 10 (m)
Rated voltage: 12 (V) Active oxygen: 0
Dimensions: 171 * 57 * 37mm
Size: 6 * 7 * 11cm Weight: 0.072 (kg)
Color: Black Standard Edition, Standard Edition gold, Standard Edition Gold Rose

Lightweight, mini-design, easy to operate, with 12V DC car power. Photocatalyst sterilization, triple filtration and purification more thoroughly, effectively eliminate harmful bacteria formaldehyde, white grape bacteria. Eliminate odor; And effective smog HCHO smog, it can increase air, which reduces dust and bacteria from moisture. Moisturize your skin, moisturize.

Product Features

  • > 3 million car air purifier negative ion emissions to eliminate cigarette smoke, odors, PM2.5, toxic gases (formaldehyde, benzene, COVT, etc.), Bacteria and vehicle virus pollution.
  • double contact USB connector is good, durable antioxidant, longer life.
  • both sides of the dual design of night lights, blue LED lights, it will automatically increase the decoration. Directly into the cigarette lighter socket. Good car accessories. Cool filling.
  • dramatically improving the air quality, while providing a good healthy environment in your car. Eliminate air for you and the dangers of small particles, bacteria, pollen and dust health in your family.
  • fresh and refreshing, efficient use of negative ion generator, air purification, to create a good atmosphere, refreshing fresh oxygen.

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Air Purifier – HEPA Certified Purification Technology, Smart Chip, 3 Cubic Meters Cleaning Area, In-Car Usage

Key Features…HEPA Certified purification technology removes up to 99.97% of harmful particles
Thorough sterilization, disinfection, and purification for an area of 3 cubic meters
Easy to use car air purifier can be charged through your cars cigarette lighter
Stylish and sleek design, fit for any car
Car Air Purifier
Enjoy fresh and clean air while driving your car thanks to this smart air purifier. Featuring state of the art HEPA certified purification technology, this car air humidifier is guaranteed to filter air and remove up to 99.97% of the harmful particles. From now on you can be sure that youll only breathe the purest of air whilst driving your car, as this air purifier is there to remove all harmful substances from the air. Simply plug the cable into your car cigarette lighter and youll be all set to enjoy all the health benefits offered by this great electronic gadget. Its easy to use and plug and play design allows you to simply plug it in, sit back, and enjoy the clean air without needing any prior technological knowledge. Featuring a replaceable filter, this air purifier brings along years worth of usage time for you to enjoy fresh and purified air while on the move.
Capable of purifying an area of up to 3 cubic meters, this miniature air purifier is able to filter the air in the majority of cars out there. Thanks to its thorough sterilization, disinfection, and purification features, this smart car system guarantees that the air youll breathe in your car is nothing but the best quality. With its stylish and sleek design, this car humidifier is the perfect car accessory for anybody out there that spends plenty hours on the road and wishes to increase their health. Producing merely 35dB of sound, this car air purifier can be used quietly without forming a distraction to you or your passengers. Additionally, this sleek humidifier fits effortlessly in any car cup holder allowing you to easily place it in any car no ma

Product Features

  • With this Car Air Purifier, you’ll be able to remove up to 99.97% of harmful particles from the air – allowing you to breathe in fresh and clean air while on the move.

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JR Modern Metal Round Top Design USB/Car cigarette lighter plug adaptor Aroma Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Air Purifier Deodorant dust catching and cleaning purification machine (Purple)

All of us face a variety of risks to our health as we go about our day-to-day lives. Some risks are simply unavoidable. Some we choose to accept because to do otherwise, would restrict our ability to lead our lives the way we want. And some are risks we might decide to avoid if we had the opportunity to make informed choices.
Indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about. Good Air Purifier delivers powerful air-flow, without the noise associated with other systems. Portable design is easy to move from room to room. Maintains full effectiveness even when placed in a corner or against a wall. Good Home Air Purifier, together with our JR Concentrated Solutions Water- Soluble Aroma can provides the following advantages:

– Eliminates a spectrum of airborne fungi, spores, bacteria and viruses
– Provides healthy environment to homes, offices and more
– Eliminates organic smells
– Delivers pure air continuously
– Ultra Low Noise
– No filters to replace
– PETE Tank
Chic, modern, stylish and fully-functional, bring you luxury ,comfort and relaxation life and good mood for you.

– Waterwash technology cleans the air and releases fresh air in return
– Effectively to collect the dust
– Improve your healthy

– Add some drop of water- soluble aroma /essential oil can effectively to affect the aroma’s function
– Release the fragrance let you feel a sweet smell greets your nose

Product Features

  • AROMA DIFFUSER HUMIDIFIER:Release the fragrance let you feel a sweet smell greets your nose
  • LED GRADIENT LIGHT: Optional can turn off the LED light
  • REMOTE DUST: Effectively to cleaning air
  • WATERWASH TECHNOLOGY: Cleans the air and releases fresh air in return
  • ADAPTOR: USB/Car cigarette lighter plug adaptor included

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Dometic Breathe Easy Portable Air Purifier With Uv, Photocatalyic And Nanomesh Purification

Breathe Easy Portable Air Purifier
Part #: 4210805

Reduce the odors of tobacco smoke, mildew, mustiness, chemical vapors, and toilets, and inhale fresher, cleaner, healthier air. Effective in areas up to 100 sq. ft, the portable Breathe Easy Air Purifier uses innovative Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh technology with ultraviolet (UV) light to improve air quality. The UV bulb inside uses a specific frequency of light that produces no harmful ozone. The unit operates quietly and has two fan-speed settings.

How it works:

  • Non-ozone producing UV light reduces biological contaminants like mold spores, bacteria and viruses that pass through the air purifier system
  • UV light energy activates the titanium dioxide catalyst on the surface of the nano-mesh structure. The molecules of pollutants and odors that come into contact with the catalytic nano-mesh structure are reconfigured into non-toxic elements
  • Significantly cleaner, healthier air exits the system.

    Product Features

    • Effective in areas up to 500 sq. ft./4,000 cu. ft. (113 cu. meters)
    • Photocatalytic Nanomesh and UV air purification technology
    • Up to 96% reduction in volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Up to 99% reduction in bacteria and fungi
    • Worldwide AC power adapter with plugs and 12V DC power plug included

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Fashion USB Mini Mute Purification Humidifier Home Air Purifier-Blue

Ships from Hong Kong. The humidifier is the solution to provide clean & fresh air, beautify & moisturize your skin, soothe your mood & relieve stress, create a calming & comforting atmosphere, improve quality of sleep & focus, prevent & relieve cold & flu symptoms.

Product Features

  • Size: 10*10*14.5 CM(3.93*3.93*5.70 Inch)
  • Material: ABS
  • To provide clean & fresh air, beautify & moisturize your skin, soothe your mood & relieve stress, create a calming & comforting atmosphere, improve quality of sleep & focus, prevent & relieve cold & flu symptoms
  • Perfect with every home decor bedroom, baby & kids room, living room, office, etc
  • Reduce the radiation office, Makes a great gift

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