Air Purifier HEPA Air Cleaner Portable 3 in 1 Freshener Remove Bad Odors,Formaldehyde and Germs,Environmentally Friendly,Available 10 Years for Cars,Refrigerators,Wardrobes and Other Small Area

Product usage :Highly effective in fridge , new wardrobe drawers and shoe cabinets, ideal for cars and washrooms as well.

Effective range :One is recommend for every 0.5 cubic meters,which is the internal space volume of a standard sized fridge.

How it works :Nano-scale catalysts decompose odorous gases and at the same time sterilizes with highly active oxidative substances.

10:Filtering core lasts for a decade with no efficiency compromises. Guaranteed ten-year usage with no need for any replacements.

15:Wokaar air purifier is 15x more efficient than the best activated carbon on the market in controlled testing environment.

92:By the authority certification laboratory testing,using the nano functional catalyst materials,Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus removal rate reach 92% in one hour.

93:By the authority certification laboratory testing, using formaldehyde as the target,formaldehyde removal rate reach 93% in two hours using the proprietary materials.

Product weight:140g
Package Dimension:81*81*73mm
Shelf Life:10 years
Suitable Space:0.5m3
Main Ingredient:CH-cut Aldehyde decomposition particles

Product Features

  • 【Remove Formaldehyde & Bad Odors & Germs】A new generation of mini air purifier, decompose the harmful ingredients in the air. Not only smell, but also to remove formaldehyde and other harmful substances, generate oxygen and carbon dioxide,kill harmful bacteria in the air. Keep your living space away from harmful gases.
  • 【New Formaldehyde Decomposition Technology】Wokaar air purifier uses a nanoscale catalyst environmentally friendly materials, at room temperature for formaldehyde, stupid and other harmful gases harmless catalytic decomposition, the formation of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, and its composition does not change, make harmful substances become beneficial ingredients.
  • 【Small Size & Portable & Effective】Size: 70 * 70 * 80mm, can be easily placed on the cabinet, the car and the refrigerator, does not occupy space, stylish and compact, 304 stainless steel, will not rust, it is a very nice decoration.
  • 【Suitable for Small Space】You must have had enough to open a door, refrigerator door, wardrobe, an odor blowing, and formaldehyde and other odorless gas more harmful to your health, use wokaar mini purifier, do not need to plug in, with the release of use, so that small spaces can also be fresh air, so that the family principle of formaldehyde and benzene chase, let the food away from bacteria and odor erosion.
  • 【Environmentally Friendly & Available 10 Years】wokaar catalyst itself does not participate in the reaction does not change, so the performance is stable, you can continue to use for 10 years. Wokaar purifier can also produce active oxygen sterilization, decomposition odor, environmental safety, secondary pollution. Unlike activated carbon, activated carbon ineffective, the use of time is short, but also pollute the environment

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Portable Air Purifier, Houzetek Anion Sterilization Air Purifier, Air lonizer, Air Cleaner, USB Mini Air Purifier,True Hepa Homes Purifier Remove Cigarette Smoke, Odor Smell, Bacteria

1. Small and beautiful, easy to carry, USB Power line.

2. Isolate the floating dust in the air and other bacteria.

3.Improve breathing; reduce the incidence of disease; prevent flu and respiratory diseases. To improve the heart, Cerebrovascular disease symptoms.

4.Remove bad smell, smoke, odor; make people invigorating,;eliminate fatigue and burnout;improve work efficiency.

5.Improve the quality of sleeping; eliminate neurasthenia.

6.Purified fresh air would help calm the volatile emotions.

7.Anti-static to reduce the computer screen radiation on the body damage.

8.Reduce the suspended bacteria, pollen and other irritants to the skin damage, there is an obvious cosmetic effect.

9.Decompose harmful substances; effectively kill mites; prevent various influenza; You do not need worry in the conference room, entertainment places.


Color :White

Material: ABS

Product size: 125 * 194mm / 4.92 * 7.64in

Packing size: 150 * 150 * 235mm / 5.91 * 5.91 * 9.25in

Voltage: DC5V

Standby power consumption: ≤0.2W

Working Power: ≤2.5W

Product Weight: 0.55kg

Amount of negative ions: 5 * 10 ^ 6 / cm3

Application area: 10 square meters around

Power Source: USB Interface

Model: anion sterilization

Scope: bedroom, desk, study, pets, toilets, etc.


1 x Air Purifier

1 x data cable

1 x English Manual

1 x Filter (In the air purifier )

Product Features

  • EASY TO OPERATE – Power the air purifier and just press ON/OFF button/working modes button, once the LED indicator light is on, it means that it’s working.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT and PORTABLE – Product Size :Product size: 125 * 194mm / 4.92 * 7.64 super mini and space-saving, compact and portable for your convenience.
  • Can increase the oxygen content indoor , resulting in healthy negative ions, blue LED lights can increase the indoor atmosphere, and can be also used as night light.
  • Permanent HEPA-type filter captures up to 99% of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke and dust.
  • Air purifier designed for small-sized rooms Whisper-quiet operation ensure efficient performance.

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Car Air Purifier Freshener Cleaner Ionic Ionizer Remove Dust/Pollen/Smoke/Odor Smell with 12V DC Car Adapter USB Port Car Charger , black

Equipped with 6 stage filtration process, it removes up to 99% of harmful particles inside the car such as dust, smoke, allergens, bacteria and so on. This is particularly important for drivers in inner cities who tend to sit in queues of traffic congestion for long periods of time and for drivers suffering from asthma or allergies. Built-in LED indicator so that the air quality can be showed through the display lights in different colors and then automatically adjust the fan speed in according with the inside air quality. It is a great helper for you to enjoy a healthy environment in your car.   Easy Operation:Plugs into cigarette lighter or power port, easy to use, and just leave it there!

Color: black, white (optional)
Noise: =48dB
Remove PM2.5 efficiency: = 99%
Remove formaldehyde efficiency: = 92%
Remove toluene efficiency: = 92%
CARD: = 12m^3/h
Anion density: = 6 * 10^6 PCS/cm^3
Rated voltage factor: DC 12V
Rated power: 17W
Item size: 20.8 * 15.8 * 5.5cm / 8.18 * 6.22 * 2.16in (L * W * H)
Item weight: 498.8g / 1.10lb
Package size: 28 * 19 * 7cm / 11.02 * 7.48 * 2.75in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 980.5g / 2.16lb

Please note that the voltage should be no higher than DC 12V.

Package list:
1 * Car Air Purifier
1 * Power Adapter
1 * User Manual (English)

Product Features

  • 6 filter: air filter + HEPA filter (99.97%) + carbon (odor) filter + nano photocatalyst + UV UV lamp + anion generator, the effective removal of smoke, pollen, odor, PM 2.5 and so on.
  • Air Quality Indicators: Can detect LED lights can display the current air quality of the integrated air quality sensor – excellent (green), fair (blue) and poor (red)
  • Intelligent automatic shutdown: built-in timer, 150 minutes in the continuous work automatically shut down, after a long time to avoid the battery power consumption.
  • Compact design: In addition to the front or dashboard, the use of nylon tape can be suspended in the driver’s seat / passenger seat behind the headrest, which can save a lot of space.
  • Easy to operate: insert the cigarette lighter or power port, easy to use, just leave it!

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LPY-Car Air Purifier, Car Air Ionic Purifier, Odor Eliminator, Auto Air Cleaner Car Freshener Remove Odor, Smoke , titanium grey

Ozone anion air purifier is super mini, so a small unit, but the effect is very good. Improve the quality of life is amazing and effective!
The use of advanced microcomputer control technology, do not need to replace any filter, because it is not like a vacuum HEPA cleaner cleaner as inhalation of air, but only charge the air and keep clean, fresh and odorless.
Kill all kinds of bacteria, to avoid mold. Very ideal for the refrigerator to save food for longer periods of time.
In the middle of the refrigerator, closet, bathroom and car, food room, pet area and anywhere you need or eliminate the unpleasant smell.
Thanks to the quiet operation, we can keep the air purifier running all night and have a wonderful dream without producing annoying noises.
Material: PC
Applicable models: GM
Power: 17 (W)
Power supply: 12 (V)
Negative ion concentration: 6 million
Recommended area: 5 (?)
Rated voltage: 12 (V)
Active oxygen content: 0
Dimensions: 205 * 163 * 56mm
Weight: 500 (kg)
Color: Titanium crystal gray, black wood black
Product Category: Air Purifier
Rated frequency: 0
How it works: Negative ions

Product Features

  • Anions: The negative ions produced by this purifier can not only purify contaminants in the air, but also eliminate unpleasant odors and balance the proportion of positive and negative ions in the air.
  • Environmental protection: no filters, activated carbon and other suppliers, no need to disassemble cleaning and maintenance.
  • Through the treatment of activated carbon, within one hour to remove formaldehyde more than 99%. Recover the smell of pets from this activated charcoal, cook and smoke
  • Fast Purification: High concentrations of negative ions, large wind turbines and ductless design, every five minutes to clean the car air
  • Offline strong disinfection: After leaving the car, you can open the sterilization method, the effective decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other toxic gases, kill a variety of bacteria and viruses.

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MIMIEYES Car Fragrance Diffuser Air Freshener Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Air Purifier with Vent Clip, Remove Bad Odors (Blue)

Car Fragrance Diffuser Air Freshener

Remove smoke and car odors, purify air
How To Use:
1.Open perfume bottles
2.Twist off the alloy head of diffuser, put Essential Oil into the perfume seat, and then tighten the bottle cap.
3. Take out one piece of PE material refill pad from the capsule.
4. Put the PE material in the unscrewed diffuser, and screw it back.
5. Insert the silica gel base angles of diffuser into the air outlet grille.
Package includes:1 diffuser + 6 pills freshener

Product Features

  • car air freshener
  • car freshener
  • air freshener car
  • car air purifier
  • car fragrance car vent air freshener car purifier car essential oil diffuser red car air freshener car fragrance clip on car diffuser aromatherapy

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Anding Mini Lonic Air Purifier for Home, Office, Car Air Freshener and Traveling, Portable Air Ionizer Ozone Freshener Remove Smoke, Dust, Pollen and Bad Odors.

Why do I need one air purifier?

Any bad smell in your car or bedroom comes from toxic particles floating in the air, an air purifier can help clean bad smells and all Poisonous factors in the air and to protect your health.


Adopt the latest technology
With the advanced Microcomputer Control Technology, it no need to replace any filters, as it isn’t sucking the air like a vacuum HEPA purifier freshener, but simply “charges” the air and keeps it clean, fresh and odor free.
Combat bacteria
Kill all kinds of bacteria to avoid the growth of mildew.
Very ideal for use in refrigerator to keep the foods fresh for longer time.
Reduce odor Neutralizes or eliminates unpleasant odors with fresh air inside refrigerators, closets, bathrooms and cars, pantries, pet zones and wherever else you need it.
Whisper-quiet operation
Thanks to its Whisper-quiet operation, we can keep the air cleaner running all night and have a nice dream without annoying noise.


Max power Consumption :3.6W
Ozone concentration:25mg/h
Air flow:1.5-2.6 km/h

Product Features

  • 【MINI DESIGN】Product Size :Φ120 mm * H 100 mm , super mini and space-saving, compact and portable for your convenience.
  • 【FEATURES】 Eliminate 99% airborne bacteria in SMALL SPACE. It also destroys odors and dispel gas, prevent from catching a disease or a virus being spread through the air.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT PLACE】 Perfect for use in refrigerators, closets, shoe cabinet, bathrooms, baby room, pantries, pet zones, and in cars.
  • 【EASY TO OPERATE】 Power it or switch the modes just press ON/OFF button/working , once the LED indicator light is on, it means that it’s working. Easy to operation.
  • 【LATEST TECHNOLOGY】 It utilizes advanced high pressure ionization technology, purify the air and kill bacteria only within 20 minutes.

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Engync Air Purifier, 4.0 million negative ions M2 Mini Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier | Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors-Color Black

Demo on Youtube
Smog removing test please search: M2 Mini car air purifier smog removing video

What are Negative Ions?
Ions with one or more negative electric charge called Negative ions. The thunderstorm, the storm, the impact of falls, photosynthesis and other natural phenomena produce negative ions which make people feel comfortable.

Why We Need Negative Ions?
With the increase of kinds of pollution, including your new car, all sorts of bacteria, virus are everywhere around us. Fresh air is becoming more and more rare. People get to dizzy, weak, chest tightness, easy to get tired and other health problems.
Negative ions improve pulmonary function, purify the blood, promote boost metabolism, improve the body, and reduce the pressure on the brain.

How Can We Get Negative Ions?
Here comes Engync M2 Car Ionizer Air Purifier. It releases 4.0 million negative ions per cm³ in your car for massive odor-fighting power.
It can kill harmful bacteria, virus and dispel unpleasant odor, remove the PM2.5 particles by generating safe amount of ozone. It can decompose the formaldehyde, benzene, musty, leather smell, animal odor and other harmful gases. Promote the boost metabolism, relieve fatigue, refreshing.

Model: M2
Power supply voltage: DC 12V
Anion: 4 million per cubic centimeter
Ozone concentration: below 0.04ppm

Packing list:
Car Air Purifier *1
Certificatte & User manual *1
Use suggestion
1. Please open the window each hour to improve the air flow.

Terms of after-sales service
3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Product Features

  • More than 4 million of anion like vitamin in the air, to effectively purify the air inside car
  • Plug into cigarette lighter to use, easy to install
  • Blue working indicator light, displaying fashion technology
  • Light and small, more exquisite
  • Exquisite packaged, effect significant, the best gift for family and friends.

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Air Purifier, ETTG Mini Air Ionizer With Ozone and Negative Ions Portable Air Cleaner Remove Smoke and Bad Odors


1. High ozone output using twin ozone generating tubes, <0.08 ppm over 8 hours.
2. Flashing neon to indicate output pulsesand battery status.
3. Brushless long live D.C fan to blow ozone out of casing.
4. Purify air and prevent disease; make your indoor air is full of clean and fresh air.
5. Remove bad smell, smoke, odor; make people invigorating.
6. Reduce the suspended bacteria, pollen and other irritants to the skin damage, there is an obvious cosmetic effect.
7. Decompose harmful substances; effectively kill mites; prevent various influenza.


Stainless steel pin electrodes.
Power Consumption: <300mA.
The Adapter: DC 5V 1A.
Effective Area: 150-200 ft sp.
Output of negative ions: 6kV.
Ulrasonic frequency waves: 30kHz.
Net Weight: 210g.
Gross Weight: 330g.
Dimensions: 7.6 x 6.3 x 8.3cm.
Package Dimensions: 15.8 x 10.3 x 8.5cm.

Package Includes:

1 x Air Purifier.
1 x Mounting bracket with screws.
1 x Adapter.
1 x Instruction Manual.


1. Please alaways keep the item clean with a dry cloth.
2. Never use unregulated DC adapter with higher rating than supplied 5V / 6V.
3. Do not attempt to repair it, because there are no serviceable parts inside.
4. Do not use in wet environment.
5. Do not place the ozone output grill near any metal object as ozone will oxidize the metal in its path.

Product Features

  • Mini design – super mini and space-saving, compact and portable for your convenience.
  • Easy to operate – power it and just press ON / OFF button / working modes button, once the LED indicator light is on, it means that it’s working.
  • Negative ions and ozone generator – efficient generates negative ions as well as safe amounts of ozone, to make sure that you’re breathing the best air possible.
  • Easy charging – powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries(NOT included) or with the switching mode power supply.
  • Carry-on expert – it can work in different environment, including office, home, kitchen, pet area. Reminder: recommended to use in the space of small range only.

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Car Air Purifier, LESHP Auto Purifier 4 in 1 HEPA Air Cleaner, Anion Oxygen Bar, Odor Eliminator, Remove Dust, Smoke, Sterilization for Car, Home and Office (Black)


Model: VC001

Color: black

Plug type: UK

Size: 175 x 175 x 50mm

Power supply voltage: DC12V

Maximum power: <12.5W

Standby power: 0.15W

Air volume: 30M³ / H

Power supply: 100v-240v power / car cigarette lighter

Dust collection method: 3M electrostatic adsorption

In addition to taste: adsorption (Brazil coconut shell activated carbon)

Negative ion concentration: 20 million CM³

Scent: sponge (custom perfume)

Filter rating: A

Package included:

1 x Air Purifier 

1 x Car Charger

1 x adapter

1 x manual

Product Features

  • 3M HAF electrostatic adsorption dust collection method, this car purifier with a PM2.5 removal rate of 99.80%, TVOC removal rate of 98.00%, giving the green air back to you
  • Carbon adsorption(Brazil coconut shell activated carbon), this portable air purifier help to remove formaldehyde and benzene, reduce odors from pets, cooking and smoking
  • Twin-turbo design and intelligent stepless speed control made this air fresher is full of power and have a longer service life
  • This car air cleaner has an integrated air quality sensor that can detect and show the quality of the air(Green means good air quality, orange means moderate, red means poor)
  • Package includes: 1 x air purifier, 1 x car charger, 1 x adapter, 1 x manual, this air purifier is suitable for car home office and more

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XIDUOBAO  Ionic Air Purifier USB Mini Air Purifier Portable battery power Aroma air Ionizer ,True HEPA Home and car Purifier Remove Cigarette smoke Dust Smoke Dust Pollen and Bad Odors


–Noise :≤31db 
–Remove PM2.5 efficiency:≥99%
–Remove formaldehyde efficiency:≥99%
–Anion capacity:>4 million /second
–Coverage Area: 11-20 square meters
–Rated voltage: 5V DC
–Power Source: Electrical
–Type: Air Ionizer
–Installation: Portable
–Size: 6.7 x 3.5 inch / 17 x 9 cm
–Weight: 0.37Kg

Product functions:
1.Purification efficiency (CADR): second-hand smoke,odours (34) / dust,pollutants (35) / pollen,allergens (35).
2.HEPA filter: The filter has 99.99% purification efficiency for particles of 0.01 diameter microns ;it can also removal PM2.5 in the air, smoke, pollen, mites and other pollutants.
3. Efficient active carbon filter: made by special professional technology with high quality fruit shell activated carbon and catalyst , can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other peculiar smell gas.
4.Anion generator: anion generator can produce larger than 4 million anion energy to help prompt fresh and clean air.


360°Professional HEPA Electrostatic cluster filtration
360 ºTrue HEPA filter,Air-Purify your full body
Power Boost Technology for 5 times more cleaning power.
HEPA electrostatic cluster filtration ,dust can intercept less than PMO.3
Microporous activated carbon filter cartridge,more fully contact and decompose toxic gases
Formaldehyde removing particle filter ,for the indoor in addition to formaldehyde
Low voltage negative ion generator continuous sterilization more beauty.
USB charging cable is included with each unit.
No Filters to Replace or Clean – Healthy negative ions do the filtering.
Silent Operation – No noisy fans or motors.

1X Portable Air Purifier
1X Power Cable
1X 360°True HEPA Filter
1X User Manual

Product Features

  • XIDUOBAO portable ionic air purifier using the latest technology. The maximum release of negative ions 4 million /second, purifier can continue to purify the range of about 11-20 square meters.
  • 360°True HEPA Air Cleaner CAPTURE 99.99% OF Airborne Pollutants,of including: smoke,dust mites, pet odors , plant pollens,mold,cooking and other household all odours.
  • HELPES REMOVE ALLERGENS – Negative ions are produced by the electro static ionizer purifier function. Negative ions are a particle that attach themselves to very small air brone pollutant particles and remove them from the air. ACCORDING TO THE Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Doctors recommend HEPA air filtration TO REDUCE EXPOSURE TO INDOOR ASTHMA TRIGGERS.
  • HAVE A SILENT ENVIRONMENT – No noise and electromagnetic radiation. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, bus or in the gym, in the crowded elevators, or in the office, you can bring it and enjoy the safe, clean air.
  • THREE KINDS OF MODES – there are3 options of mist for you to choose from, strong to standard air volume. Select a suitable option and create a calming and relaxing environment.

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Express Panda® Ionic Air Purifier / Portable Ozone Air Ionizer Freshener to Remove Odor Smell, Bacteria, Cigarette Smoke – Mini Air Cleaner for Small Bedroom, Pets Room, Car, Travel

Express Panda® Ionic Air Purifier / Portable Ozone Air Ionizer Freshener to Remove Odor Smell, Bacteria, Cigarette Smoke – Mini Air Cleaner for Small Bedroom, Pets Room, Car, Travel

Uses advanced high pressure ionization technology to completely purify the air and kill bacteria (in small rooms) in only 30 minutes.
Portable design, compact and mini-sized for your convenience.
Enhance the quality of your life!

Product Features
Easy to Operate: Power it and just press ON/OFF button/working modes button, once the LED indicator light is on, it means that it’s working. It’s so easy operation.
Combat bacteria: Kill all kinds of bacteria and avoid the growth of mildew. Good for use in dry and damp locations.
In addition to the typical uses of bedroom, office, car, it can also be used in refrigerators, closets, bathrooms, and pet play areas.
Neutralizes or eliminates unpleasant odors inside refrigerators, closets, bathrooms and pet zones.
Usage Note: The unit has multiple timer modes. Press button once for green light and 12-hours of operation. Press button twice for blue light and 30-minute timer mode. Press button three times to turn back off.

Technical Details
Output power: 3mg/H
Battery: USB Power Adapter (not included) or 4 * AA Battery (not included)
Product Size: Φ94 mm * H 95 mm
Mini Size: Space-saving, compact and portable for your convenience
Warranty: One year. We promise to provide friendly and effective after-sale service. Please email us if you meet any problems.

Package Contents
1 * Air Purifier
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • Uses advanced high pressure ionization technology to purify the air and kill bacteria within 30 minutes.
  • Powered by advanced microcomputer control technology, it does not need you to replace any filters, as it isn’t sucking the air like a vacuum. Instead it “charges” the air and keeps it clean, fresh and odor free.
  • Eliminates 99% of airborne germs in small spaces such as the bedroom or private office. It also removes odors and sterilizes the air to prevent bacteria from being spread through the air.
  • Advanced digital technology leads to whisper-quiet operation so you can keep the air cleaner running all night and have a nice dream without annoying noise.

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SainSonic G35 Car Air Purifier Freshener, 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with Odor Reduction, HEPA Filter & Anion Oxygen Bar, Remove Smoke, Pollen, Dust & Bad Odors – Available for Auto and RV (G35)

3-in-1 Purification system

√ Pre-Filter – captures large dust particles, lint and pet hair;
√ Charcoal Filter – activated carbon filter layer captures unpleasant odors, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, ammonia;
√ True HEPA Filter – captures 99.97% of airborne particles, as small as 3 microns in size such as dust mites, debris, mold spores, pollens, PM2.5 and pet dander.
√ Built-in Negative Ion Generator – improve pulmonary function, purify the blood, promote boost metabolism, improve the body, and reduce the pressure on the brain.

How to use

√Remove the membrane from the non-slip mat, place it on the vehicle console, press it gently to ensure full contact, and then place the machine on the mat.
√Plug the device into the car cigarette lighter or adaptor. The indication light will be on when the device is working.
√When the machine is on, you will hear a BEEP sound. In about 2 minutes, after the sensor is ready, with a second BEEP sound, the machine enters the smart control mode. In the smart control mode, the machine changes airflow in intelligently according to the pollution inside your car.
√ How to replace the filter? open the cover, and replace the filter with a new one, WHILE THE MACHINE IS OFF. Recommend to replace the filter every 3-6 months, depending on the specific air quality and the machine running hours.


– Dimensions: 160*160*45mm
– Input Voltage: DC 12V
– Power Output: 4 W
– Negative Ions: >10million/cc
– Airflow: 25m3/h(red light mode)
– Noise: 35dB(green light mode)
– Suitable Area: 9 ㎡

Package Content

1X SainSoinc G35 Car Air Purifier
1X Non-slip mat
1X Power Cable
1X Instruction Manual

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 Purification – the item is good for auto and features three air purifying technologies that work synergistically to bring you fresher and cleaner air.
  • ✔ True HEPA Filter – captures 99.97% of airborne particles, as small as 3 microns in size such as dust mites, debris, mold spores, pollens, PM2.5 and pet dander.
  • ✔ Built-in Negative Ion Generator – improve pulmonary function, purify the blood, promote boost metabolism, improve the body, and reduce the pressure on the brain.
  • ✔ Intelligent Air Detection – with smart sensor paying constant attention to surround air quality, changing airflow intelligently according to the auto air pollution, indicating Light in red color – poor air quality, blue color- air quality in your car has been improving, green color – good air quality.
  • ✔ Auto Turning-on Function – the machine turns on automatically 5 seconds after the engine starts, in protection of your accumulator, and turns off after your vehicle cuts off power. Meanwhile, automatically clean air every 5 minutes.

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