Car Home Air Freshener Reuse up to 2 Years TraPal Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Closet Air Purifier Kitchen Odor Neutralizer Eliminator Remover Absorber Deodorizer for Basement Shoes Refrigerator

Dump Your Air Freshener
Air Fresheners are filled with formaldehyde, petroleum and fragrance. All of which can be carcinogenic and lead to numerous health problems. It is time to take them out of your life. The chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic charcoal Bag will NATURALLY clean and deodorize your environment, allowing your family and pets to breathe safely.

The Overtime Worker
Without the need for power cords or batteries the charcoal Bag will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to continuously keep your air fresh, dry and odor free. With a lifespan of two years, it’s an incredible value.

Stylish & Simple
Sealed inside the beautifully stitched linen bag is extremely porous bamboo charcoal. For added convenience a metal grommet is embedded in the upper left corner. With the length and height under 7 inches, you can conveniently place the charcoal Bag in numerous locations such as your car, bedroom, kitchen, living room or any area with weird odor.

Here is the reference for space size:

500g X (1-3 pack) purifying bag for your:
*Laundry Room
*Pet Area
*Kitchen …

200g X (1-2 pack) purifying bag for your:
*Gym Locker
*Shoe Rack …

75g X (1-2 pack) purifying bags for your:
*Gym Bag
*Luggage …

Product Features

  • TraPal charcoal bag is an easy, convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment.
  • 100% Natural activated charcoal, non-toxic, no chemicals, and eco-friendly. Ideal for children and pet.
  • Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.
  • Reuse up to 2 years! To rejuvenate and re-activate place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about 2-4 hours.
  • 3 months happy satisfaction warranty! TraPal is committed to provide amazing product and best service to customers, full refund or free replacement will be proceeded ASAP without question if not happy with our product within 3 months.

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Ryher All Natural Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer – Prevents Mold and Bacteria – Smoke Smell Remover – Air Purifying Bags – Absorb and Eliminate Odor and Moisture for Home Kitchen, Shoes, Closet, Trunk, Car, Pet Area (pack of 2) (Linen) (Brown)

By preventing microbes, our Raw Activated Charcoal Shoe Plugs keeps your feet fresh and your shoes, gloves, gym bags, boots, and even luggage last longer.

The porous structure of the high-density bamboo charcoal helps remove bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens from the air and absorbs moisture, preventing mold and mildew by trapping the impurities inside each pore.

Your feet will definitely love these activated charcoal shoe deodorizer plugs as they will stay dry, clean, and odor-free all day. Stay confident and worry free all the time. It’s great for both new and old shoes. Now you can say goodbye to smelly feet for good.


  • Fragrance-free, chemical free and non-toxic
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Made from a natural. sustainable resource
  • Recycles into the soil


  • Reuse up to 2 years. The Moso Bag lasts up to two years. From a cost perspective, the Moso Bag will save you cash. From a health perspective, the Moso Bag will save your lungs.
  • Rejuvenate in Sunlight. Once a month, place your Moso Bag outside. The UV rays from the sun will clear out the pores of the bamboo charcoal, making it ready to absorb again.
  • Recycle into your Garden. After two years as an air purifier, the Moso Bag will make a wonderful addition to your garden. Simply cut open the Moso Bag and sprinkle the bamboo charcoal into the soil, where it helps plants absorb moisture and nutrients.

What’s the secret ingredient?

No secret, the Ryher Air Purifying Bag is filled with just one ingredient- Moso bamboo charcoal. This incredibly powerful charcoal has millions of tiny little pores and cavities that work together to act like a big sponge. As air passes through the pores, odor particles are trapped on the surfaces inside, which purifies your air. One gram of bamboo charcoal has as much as three thousand square feet of surface area.

Product Features

  • The Ryher Air Purifying bag is the easiest way to maintain fresh, dry and odor free, shoes, gym bags, luggage and sporting equipment.
  • Made of extremely porous moso bamboo charcoal, which will continually eliminate odors and absorb moisture to keep your shoes fresh and dry.
  • Fragrance free, chemical free and nontoxic. No pumps, sprays, powders, perfumes or residue! It is safe to place in your Car, Bathroom, Kitchen, Closet, Pet area, etc.
  • Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.
  • Reuse for up to two years. To Rejuvenate just place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour.

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Omela Shoes Deodorizer Natural Activated Carbon Ordor Absorber Deodorant Bag Inserts Charcoal Bamboo Air Purifier 100g/bag (Blue,1 Pair)


Natural air prifications: It eliminates the odors, allergens & harmful pollutants.

Prevention from mold&bacteria: Get rid of molds and mildew.

Eco friendly & natural: It is 100% eco friendly. Completely Non Toxic

Safe and Odorless: Safe to use around people & pets.

Create Healty environment: Effectively block electromagnetic radiation.

Instructions 2 Rejuvenate:Place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour

Product Features

  • Removes Odors and Moisture by Filtering Odors, Bacteria & Allergens – eliminating them at the source, all without adding harmful chemicals to your air. Prevention of mold, mildew. NATURAL Air Freshener & Purifier
  • MULTIPLE USES:Remove bad odor in shoes, fridge, gym bag, closet & car. Premium Quality. Enclosed in Airtight Sealed Eco-Friendly Packaging. 100g each bag. ZERO Odor
  • 100% Natural,non-toxic and chemical free.Safe to Use around Your Kids and Pets + No more headaches! Freshen air by removing odors, not merely masking them with foul smelling chemicals.
  • This deodorizer bag can be placed anywhere & everywhere. It’s Nature’s Way! No pumps, sprays, powders, perfumes or residue!
  • Charge bag for 24 hours in sunlight before use. Recharge by placing bag in the sun once every month for 1 to 2 hours.Use last 2 years.

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Bamboo Air Purifier with Activated Charcoal Filter | Air purifier for the home, car, kitchen, shoes, refrigerator, WC… | Emission free | 100% biodegradable

What is the secret of Rummershof air purifier?
There is no secret. The Rummershof air purifier is filled with bamboo charcoal. This charcoal has millions of tiny pores and thus has an incredibly large, effective surface area, which absorbs odours and pollutants like a sponge. When air flows through the pores, any odours, allergens and bacteria stick to the surface. This means that the air is purified.

Where does the Rummershof bamboo charcoal come from?
The tall, fast-growing bamboo trunks are first sawn and dried in China for Rummershof, then processed in an oven at about 700 degrees without oxygen to create charcoal. During the carbonisation process, a highly porous surface is created, with millions of tiny holes that filter impurities from the air.

Where can the bamboo air purifier be used?
The air purifier is best placed in an open area, or suspended where the air can circulate and it can function ideally. Of course, the air purifier can just as easily be placed in a pair of shoes, or hung up in the shoe cabinet, locker, wardrobe etc. It can be used on all surfaces or materials.

How long can you use the bamboo air purifier?
The normal lifetime is about 2 years, if the activated charcoal is periodically reactivated in the sun. The UV rays renew the charcoal’s function. Turn occasionally. We recommend that reactivation should be carried out once a month. In dark winter months, you can also use the activated charcoal longer if there is no sun, of course. Please do not ever put in the oven or the microwave!

Product Features

  • 100% NATURAL BAMBOO CHARCOAL: The highly porous surface of Rummershof bamboo charcoal binds to odours, allergens and pollutants. It also helps to prevent mould and excessive bacterial growth by absorbing moisture.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Chemicals are often contained in the fragrances of commercial air fresheners and room sprays, which can enter the lungs and cause allergies. Even the carcinogenic benzene UDN formaldehyde has been found in samples. It is high time to switch to the 100% non-toxic Rummershof bamboo air purifier.
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: Suitable for use in rooms, cupboards, shoes, sports bags, refrigerators, bathrooms or around animals. Simply use wherever odours are undesirable.
  • DURABLE AND EFFECTIVE: Simply lay out in the sun once a month. This re-activates the purifying function of the bamboo charcoal. Ecological: Can be recycled and used as garden fertilizer after two years.
  • DELIVERY: Delivered in a linen bag.

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Nature air purifiers bags- Toproad Charcoal Deodorizer Bag 4 packs for Fridge, Freezers, Closet, Car, Shoes, kitchens, basements, bedrooms, living areas (4x50g)

A damp eater, prevent your environment from mold and mildew. Help food fresh longer, then expel unpleasant smell.
More effective than traditional baking soda, coffee crumb, aromatic hydrocarbons. No smell and toxic-free, eco-friendly, creating a good environment.
What’s more, carbon has strong conductivity to block electromagnetic radiation on desktops, home and car.
A cheap but ideal way to expel dump, reusable and convenient.
We offer 30 DAYS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE-if you are not satisfied with our product. So go to top of page and click the Buy button now to enjoy better indoor air quality today!
Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 8.4 x 2.6 inches
Weight: 2.1 pounds
Manufacturer: Huanlemai
Wish our products makes you feel well.

Product Features

  • Air purifiers bag with nature material, made up with top class bamboo charcoal, best odor absorber for fridge, home, car, and garage. With simple design, eliminate all the odor and damp!
  • An easy way to clear your room: just hang them on the bedside, wardrobe, or just put in a corner of your car, fridge, etc. Bring our bag to clear your air.
  • Best dehumidifier and eliminate all odors: fridge was filled with weird smells? Clothes were moist from wardrobe? Wet and moist air usually causes bad smell and mildew, bacterial and mold will grow with strange odor. Use our products to clear them all.
  • Clear your house in a nature way: made up with top class bamboo, processed with high temperature oxygen-free carbonization, then choice the best charcoal. No artificial flavor, toxic-free and reusable. Eco-friendly and no harm to human and animals. A nature way to against those problems bring by nature.
  • Best air purifier bag for everyone, any place: Prevent mold, absorb odor, and keep food fresh longer. Hold the bag in Kitchen, Refrigerators, Freezer, Closet, Luggage, Shoes cabinet, Kid’s room, Pet Area, Gym bags and Auto Mobile. Also works well for smoking zone, bathroom, and corridor.

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Pandoo Natural Air Freshener Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier & Air Dehumidifier, Blower, Room Air Purifier & Air Freshener Absorbs Odours & Filters Harmful Substances and allergens, etc. – 2 Years of use – For Car, shoes, Kitchen, Toilet, Bathroom Use. Free from chemicals and Harmful Substances and 100% biodegradable, sand, 500g

Product Features

  • ✔ Natural air freshener the Pandoo air purifier pad filters unpleasant smells, bacteria, allergens and harmful substances from the exhaled air without using any chemicals, batteries, oils or fragrances which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. They are free from chemicals & harmful substances and therefore safe in the home, including children and pets.
  • ✔ Effective Dehumidifier – The Bamboo active carbon absorbs excess moisture thus preventing the formation of mould and bacteria. This works as a sponge with millions of tiny pores. The pads are made from jute and are designed to be decorations & Eye Catchers as well.
  • ‘✔ 2 Years of use & 100% Biodegradable – to ‘charge’ the freshener, simply place it in the sunshine every four weeks for a few hours. This allows the Carbon to retain moisture and get rid of the filtered ingredients, making it as good as new again. After 2 years of use cut off the pad around the charcoal to use as a fertiliser for plants.
  • ✔ incredibly easy. Incredibly effective – just place your pad close to the musty area and within a day the area will smell fresh again and be dry, odour free and non-toxic. The air freshener eliminates unpleasant smells even before they develop.
  • ✔ versatile and works anywhere – the Pandoo air freshener pouches are especially suitable for cars, bags, Cases, wardrobes, storage cupboard, bathroom, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, Cat Litter Tray, pet area, tent, wardrobes, office, caravans, boats, basement, living room, dining room, bedroom and much more.

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Shoe Deodoriser Made of Activated Bamboo Charcoal »freShoes« by mosoobamboo | 2x75g All Natural Odour Absorber | Alternative to Sprays & Chemicals Against Bacteria, Mold, Mildew | No More Stinky Shoes, Gym Bags & Socks | Air freshener for Closet, Bathroom, Bedroom, Fridge | Air Dehumidifier & Smoke Smell Remover

Product Features

  • ALL NATURAL | NO CHEMICALS – The »freShoes« bamboo activated charcoal keeps your shoes fresh & clean from bacteria and pollutants.
  • ADSORBS MOISTURE – The millions of pores adsorb humidity around like a sponge – bad smells, bacteria, mold or mildew don’t stand a chance.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Regenerate your »freShoes« every month for 1-2 hours in direct sunlight. This way they keep new for up to 2 years. After their hard work, use the bamboo charcoal as a natural fertilizer.
  • HEALTHY & EVERYWHERE USEFUL – Made out of 100% activated bamboo charcoal and nothing else. The healthy alternative to sprays & chemicals for shoes, gloves, boots, luggage, closets or bathrooms – everywhere there is stink, the »freShoes« are ready to power.
  • 100% SATISFIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK – If you do not absolutely love the »freShoes« for any reason, please contact our customer service. We will give you a full refund in no time – no questions asked! Act sustainable and click on the “Add to Basket” button NOW for cleaner, fresher shoes every day!

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Ofeely 2 Pack of 60g Natural Air Purifying Bag , Naturally Absorbs Ordors in Shoes, Gym Bags, Backpacks, and Luggage (Blue)


The Ofeely Natrual bamboo Bag is the easiest way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment.

Made of just one incredibly powerful natural ingredient – bamboo charcoal, the Ofeely Natrual bamboo Bag is continuously working to remove odors, allergens and harmful pollutants. For damp, musty environments the bamboo Bag will absorb excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming.

The bamboo bag is chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic to keep you and your pets safe. The bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a beautifully stitched linen bag which can be placed on any surface.

With simple maintenance the bags are reusable for up two years, just place them outside in the sun once a month for at least one hour to rejuvenate.

At the end of their lifespan you can recycle the bamboo charcoal into the soil.

Excellent for larger spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, basements and office areas.

Product Features

  • Naturally removes odors in shoes, gym bags, backpacks, luggage, diaper bags.
  • Dehumidifies to prevent mold, mildew and excess moisture.
  • Fragrance free, non-toxic, eco and pet friendly.
  • Reuse for 2 years, Rejuvenates in sunlight, Recycles into the soil.
  • Made of natural bamboo, eco-friendly and beneficial for your health.

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iHome&iLife Natural Air Purifying Bag Charcoal Activated Carbon Air Freshener For Car Home Shoes (Blue)

This carbon package put in the car, can purify the air, adsorption air conditioning put in next to the computer can play the effect of radiation.
Remove the odor, humidity, mites and antibacterial effect of reducing the source of asthma or nose allergy.
Emit far infrared rays, negative ions, by quick blood circulation, promote metabolism, increase the air of negative ions and activated cells, and beneficial to human health.

Material: Flax + bamboo carbon
Size: about 6.69″x3.54″/17*9 cm
Weight: 160 g (one pair)
Clean up the air and odor

Package included:
2 x Activated Carbon Pack

Product Features

  • Natural Bamboo Charcoal Bag are the PERFECT shoe deodorizers. Simply add the bamboo charcoal bag into any smelly situation and witness this natural activated charcoal odor eliminator work it’s magic
  • Made from 100% ORGANIC activated bamboo charcoal. Activated charcoal bag naturally ABSORB moisture, odors, and bacteria. Don’t cover that odor eliminate it with bamboo charcoal bags to provide a natural freshness to any space. Fragrance, chemical, gluten, cruelty, and meat free.
  • This cute bag can be used in many areas in the house or office such as Kitchen, Refrigerators, Freezer, Closet, Luggage, Shoes cabinet, Kid’s room, Pet Area, Gym bags and Auto Mobile
  • With an INCREDIBLE life of up to 2 years, Charcoal air freshener can be used again and again, providing constant freshness to any area.
  • REFRESH BAGS MONTHLY: place in sunlight for 1 hour.

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PURGGO Mini Natural Odour Neutraliser, Air Freshener, Eliminator, Deodourizer – Smell Absorber & Purifier: Shoes, Litter Box, Wet Dog, Bag – Made With 100% Activated Bamboo Charcoal [Pack Of 2] [Classic Beige]

[Pack of 2]


Embarrassed by the persistent odour in your shoes, drawers, litter box, or gym bag?

Tired of suffocating, stinky, and sickening artificial scent?

Concerned about the negative health impact of chemical fresheners & odour eliminators?

You deserve something better.

**PURGGO is an all natural Odour Neutraliser, made with 100% activated bamboo charcoal.

Absorbs & eliminates odour instead of masking it.
– Fragrance- & allergen-free, and all-natural & non-toxic.
– Works 24/7 passively & lasts for 365+ days.
– Uses the most renewable natural resources in the world.
– 100% asthma & allergy friendly.

**Proven Product & Happy Customers

Authorities like Inhabitat and TreeHugger have given PURGGO raving reviews. Close to 800 happy customers have given PURGGO support on Kickstarter.

**Eliminate (Not Mask) Odour

PURGGO eliminates odour. The bamboo charcoal inside is 4x more porous than regular charcoal and acts like a big sponge that traps odour particle.

**Lasts 365+ Days

PURGGO works 24/7 passively, and lasts more than 365 days. Make sure to put the product under direct sunlight for an hour every couple of months in order to rejuvenate the bamboo charcoal and restore maximum odour neutralisation.

**Natural, Safe, Fragrance & Scent Free

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing PURGGO is all natural and completely safe to use around your family and pets. It’s also fragrance and scent free.

Product Features

  • Not a Spray. Not a Gel. Not a Scent-Bomb. Not an Ionizer. Contains No Fragrance, No Chemicals, No Plastic. PURGGO is made with 100% Bamboo Charcoal that naturally absorbs odour.
  • Works 24/7 Passively & Eliminates / Absorbs Odour. Bamboo Charcoal is porous and acts like a big sponge. As air passes through, odour particles are trapped on the surfaces inside. Never Be Embarrassed By The Odour In Your Life Again.
  • Lasts More Than 365+ Days. PURGGO is the world’s Longest Lasting Air Freshener & Odour Neutraliser.
  • Fragrance- & Allergen-Free. All-Natural & Non-Toxic. PURGGO is Healthy & Safe for you, your kids, and your pets. It’s also great for people with allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, and other breathing sensitivities. Avoid Nasty And Harmful Artificial Scent.
  • Natural, Sustainable, Great Design. PURGGO uses Bamboo and Hemp, which are two of the Most Renewable natural resources in the world. Neither requires any artificial fertilizer to grow.

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