CareforAir a High Quality Air Purifier, Freshener, Humidifier & Revitaliser the Electric Rainbow Breezer Neutralises Allergens, Bacteria, Dust, Cooking & Household Odours, Indoor Pollution, Mould & Fungi, Paint Fumes, Pollen, Stale Air, Tobacco Odour. Use in Your Home, Care Homes, Hospitals, Kennels, Nurseries, Schools, Universities, Offices & Workplaces. Completely Safe for Pets & Babies. Usage Time 24/7 Includes a FREE 100ml Thai Lotus Essence For Clean, Fresh and Fragrant Air!

CareforAir Rainbow Breezer a high quality Air Purifier, Humidifier and Revitaliser.

Did you know?
– 18 million people in the UK suffer from allergies
– Indoor Air is now 5 times more polluted than outdoor air make sure the air you breathe is as clean as it can be.
– 10 million adults smoke in the UK. Tobacco Smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds – many people still smoke inside the home & often nearby their children
– Pet dander can cause itchy eyes, runny noses, asthma attacks, congestion, sinus, coughing, wheezing and chest tightness
-Asthma is a respiratory condition causing difficulty in breathing. It usually results from an allergic reaction or other forms of hypersensitivity.

The most common symptom of asthma is wheezing or a whistling sound when you breathe.
Other symptoms include:
– Shortness of breath
– Chest tightness or pain
– Chronic coughing

The CareforAir Rainbow Breezer cleans, freshens and humidifies your indoor Air! It removes dust, dirt, pet dander and other pollutants in the air that might trigger asthma.

Use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even in bathrooms
Use with CareforAir Essences for additional aromatherapeutic benefits and fragrances

Good News for all!
No more worrying about your family and children having allergies and asthma attacks!
No more concerns about the quality of air inside your house and bedrooms!
Say goodbye to changing dirty grimy filters!
No more pet dander and bad tobacco smell!
No more handling of dirty filters!

What are you waiting for? Click the ORDER BUTTON above to breathe fresh and clean air all day and night!

Product Features

  • LIMITED EDITION BLACK:- CareforAir Rainbow Breezer is a multifuncational appliance that washes, purifies,humidifies and ionises the air you breathe. The running costs are equivalent to half that of a 40w light bulb and there are no replacement filters to purchase either. As we value new customers we are currently offer a £20.00 gift voucher off future fragrances. The voucher is enclosed in your package. CareforAir offer a wide range of water soluble essential oils.
  • EASY TO USE:- Fill the bowl with cold water from the tap add a few drops of fragrance, switch it on and forget about it. You don’t need to worry about it running out of water either as the bowl holds up to 2 litres. We have been elated, but not surprised by the number of customers who found the solution to indoor pollution and its effects. QUALITY & SATISFACTION:- CE & RoHS approved-High Quality Performance-Covers and area up to 75sqm (800Sqft)-Best quality components-Spare parts available.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:”My house has never smelt better” “I suffer greatly from hay fever but do find your product reduces its severity” “We couldn’t believe that it actually does what this product has been claiming for,it did make my husband nasty dry cough disappear for good””Great machine and great smell to remove dog smell” “you get what you pay for” I am 100% satisfied with this product””really does clean the muck out of the air” “Phenomenal I suffer with Asthma it really helps my breathing.
  • INTELLIGENT BREATHING:- The average adult breathes over 3,000 gallons of air every day.What most people don’t consider is that indoor air is polluted with traces of dangerous and toxic substances like allergens, dust, mould and fungi, pet dander, tobacco smoke, household cleaners, pollen, gases, (VOC’S) formaldehyde and benzene which are all directly related to Asthma, COPD, Headaches, Itchy Eyes, Psoriasis & Eczema. WARNING Do not mask pollution with air fresheners, aerosols and candles.
  • OUR PROMISE: The only complaint we occasionally receive is that it makes a bit of a “swishing” noise. With such a powerful machine it’s simply not possible to make it 100% noise free. Customers generally agree that this minor noise annoyance far outweighs the benefits and it is quite normal to hear customers say “I find the noise relaxing or I don’t even notice the noise anymore.”, However, If you’re not happy with your purchase then neither are we and a no quibble money back guarantee applies.

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FOR AIR PURIFIERS – CareforAir Anti Tobacco Essence 100 mL – Citrusy and Fragrant Smell – Removes smell and odours from Smoking Cigars and Cigarettes – Clean, Great Smelling Air – USE IN REVITALIZERS, IONIZERS, HUMIDIFIERS – 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee

Instructions:- Keep out of sunlight, store out of direct sunlight, shake well before use, add a few drops of essence to clean fresh water on a daily basis

Product Features

  • IMAGINE smoking indoors, without leaving that tell-tale sign. A product to remove the traces of smoke and odour. Something to keep your room smelling of clean and fresh.
  • PERFECT SOLUTION! CareforAir Anti-tobacco Essence has a Special Microbeshield Formula which is a powerful cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer. Used along with the Rainbow Breezer is just the thing you need to destroy, kill and snuff out those unhealthy odours.
  • HIP HIP HOORAY you have now found a solution to get rid once and for all of the stale disgusting smoking odours from cigarettes, cigars and pipes. You can get to relax in front of the TV and not worry about leaving an unpleasant odour behind.
  • COULDN’T HAVE SAID ANY BETTER! claimed one happy customer “brilliant, works well with the air purifier/ioniser. The air smells much fresher and the cigarette smell is eliminated. its great” By sunshine on 10 May 2014
  • All CareforAir Essences are water soluble and are available for purchase in 100ml and super value 200ml bottles. Non-toxic, Non inflammable, Non-corrosive, 100% Biodegradable, Environmental Friendly Used in conjunction with any Air Purifier – Check out the “CareforAir Rainbow Breezer” if you haven’t got yours yet.

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iHome&iLife Rectangle Crystal Gel Beads Tobacco Smoking Cigar Humidor Humidifier For 150 Cigars

Maintains up to 150 cigars in a volume of 500 cubic inches,
Slow, steady release of constant humidity,
Magnet attachment system holds the unit firmly under the lid of your humidor.

Material: Plastic
Size : 6.53″x2.24″x0.63″/166*57*16mm
Weight: 110g
Color: Transparent (As per pictures shown)
100% brand new, elegant and modern design
For humidors of up to 150 cigars
Maintains humidity at 65%-75%
Steel and magnet attachment system

1x Cigar Humidifier box

Product Features

  • This humidifier is filled with a special hi-tech gel capable of absorbing 450 times its weight in fluid
  • Easy to use, simply unwrap and place the pre-filled humidifier in your humidor
  • Maintains up to 150 cigars
  • A steel and magnet attachment system keeps the humidifier firmly attached to your humidor lid
  • The Crystal Gel shrinks as it loses moisture telling you exactly when it’s time to refill

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Careforair Rainbow Breezer with 100mL Thai Lotus essence – White Electric Air Purifier Revitaliser Humidifier Air Freshener Diffuser – Dust Bad Odour tobacco fumes Allergens Asthma – Colour Changing LED Light with On Off Switch – High Quality Motor

Air Purifier – Air Freshener – Air Cleaner – Natural Humidifier

Where Will You Find It Most Useful?

Living Room.
Retirement & Care Homes for the Elderly.
Pubs , Clubs & Bars.
Coffee Shops, Café’s & Restaurants.
Gyms & Fitness Centres.
Charity Shops .
Hair & Nail Salons & Beauty Parlours.
Nurseries & Kids Clubs.


18 million people in the UK suffer from allergies
Indoor Air is now 5 times more polluted than outdoor air make sure the air you breathe is as clean as it can be.
10 million adults smoke in the UK. Tobacco Smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds – many people still smoke inside the home & often nearby their children
Pet dander can cause itchy eyes, runny noses, asthma attacks, congestion, sinus, coughing, wheezing and chest tightness

<b Why choose the Careforair Rainbow Breezer ?

It’s Multifunctional – It Cleans, Freshens & Humidifies Your Indoor Air.
It comes with a free 100ml bottle of Thai Lotus (worth £9.99)
You can choose from over 30 assorted fragrant essences all year round.
It’s A Time Tested Proven Health Enhancement Product .
It’s Strong, Durable & Most Certainly Built to Last
There are no messy, awkward & expensive filters to replace.
It’s almost self cleaning & very easy to maintain.
We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

So go on, treat yourself, your friends & family – get your CareforAir Rainbow Breezer – TODAY!

Product Features

  • DISINFECTANT, DEODORIZER & CLEANING POWER – Effectively removes containments and airborne bacteria, unwanted cooking smells, pet dander & tobacco odours.
  • BENEFICAL FOR ALL – Get healthier lungs, better skin and reduce stress. Helpful for those who suffer with Asthma & COPD, Hay Fever & Cough, Psoriasis & Eczema.
  • LONG LASTING WITH VOUCHER INCLUDED – This one is built to last. High-quality motor (guaranteed to last for a minimum of 50,000 hours) encased in a sturdy and durable white plastic casing. Comes with 100ml Thai Lotus and a £20.00 Voucher
  • COMPACT STURDY & VERSATILE – Any room any place anywhere (exception bathrooms). Has multi-coloured LED lights with an On/Off switch to lights the bowl for added visual pleasure.
  • CLEAN UP IS A “BREEZE” – No more needing to handle and change grimy, dirty filters full of dust and other particles. Throw out the used water, clean the water bowl and replace with new clean water. It’s that easy to clean and maintain.

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