Songmics Spray Type Aroma Air Humidifier and Essential Oil Fragrance Diffuser Air Purifier with 7 Colour LED Night Light Waterless Auto Power-off Ultrasonic and Quiet FAD02W

This Songmics aroma diffuser offers peaceful aromatherapy and allows you to relax and unwind, just as you would, feeling at one with nature. It features a steady flow of humidification, and also offers additional health benefits of an air purifier and the versatility of a revolving night light.
300 ml volume is enough for one day of use, approximately 10 hours (at low mist level and 6 hours at high mist level). Enjoy the beautiful blend of cool mist, aroma, and lighting, it will transform your room with a feeling of relief and ease.

– Please maintain this item regularly to ensure the normal operation. It is recommended to maintain this item 1-2 times per week. Please drain the remaining water out of the water tank through the “DRAIN SIDE” of the tank.
– Please use diluted kitchen detergent to clean this item, and then wipe water tank and atomizer plate with a soft and clean cloth. Do not use sharp objects to touch atomizer plate.
– Only 100% natural essential oil can be used in this product. Those containing chemical fragrance, spice or impurities will cause malfunction. Use 2-3 drops per 100 ML water. Using more than the recommended amount may damage the system.

– Size: Φ 168.5 x 120 mm (Dia. X H)
– Material: PP/ABS/PC
– Water tank capacity: ≦ 300 ml
– Time mode: 1H/3H/6H/ON
– LED light: 6 PCS
– Voltage: AC 100-240 V 50.60 Hz/DC 24 V 650 mA
– Power: approx. 14W
– Length of electric wire: approx. 170 cm
– Ultrasonic atomization frequency: 2.4 MHz
– Net Weight: 0.33 kg

– Shipping list:
– 1 x Aroma Diffuser
– 1 x Adapter(British Standard Adapter)
– 1 x Measuring Cup
– Instructions (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES)

Product Features

  • Ultrasonic Aroma Light & Air Humidifier – fragrance diffuses in the room to purify and humidify the air with pleasant aroma and keeps the room’s moisture favourable, especially in dry autumn or winter moths; 300 ml volume can last for an extended amount of time
  • 2 Misting Levels and Quiet – Press and hold the “Mist” button to change levels, one beep for high and two beeps for low; only 30dB during operation, which resembles the rustling of leaves, ideal for ambiance
  • 7 Colour LED Light – The light colours can be changed automatically by pressing “Light” to suit your mood and also can be chosen by pressing twice (2 brightness levels applying to all colour modes); LED lighting can also be switched off by pressing and holding “Light” button
  • Timing Function – With a built-in timer, you can choose the duration required (1H, 3H, 6H or ON for continuous spray time), perfect for deep sleep
  • Safe and Reliable – This essential oil diffuser switches off automatically when empty of water or when it tips over; having anti-slip silicone pad and a fan at bottom to prevent overheating; PP water tank is not easy to shatter or age

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Drop Ground Type Cool Mist Humidifiers Super Quiet Big Capacity Air Purifier Home Bedroom Office Pregnant Woman Aroma Diffuser

Product Category Humidifier

Applicable area: 41-60 square meters

Function: Ultrasonic

Water Tank Capacity: 4.1-6.0 L

Number of outlet: one

Operation mode: Remote control type

Timer function: 2-8 hours

Water shortage Protection: support

Power Mode: Alternating current

Shape: Watering cans

Noise: Below 36dB

Applicable objects: Household

Maximum evaporation: 200ml/h

Control mode: Touch control type

Voltage: 220v-50hz

Capacity: 5.0L

Size: 225*225*480mm

Safety protection: Short water cut off machine

Function: Purifying and humidification

Product Features

  • Ultrasonic Technology – Ensures super quiet,consistent operation no matter the setting so your living space is evenly humidified with healthy,soothing mist. Prevents dry,smelly air and chapped skin during winter or when in dry locations.
  • Air Ionization – Ultrasonic technology also negatively ionizes the humidified air particles,allowing them to combine with positively ionized particles,including viruses and pollution particles,forcing them to drop out of the air. Research has also shown positive benefits for circulatory and nervous system health.
  • You can add the essential oils into water tank directly,instead of separating the water and essential oils.Easy to use.Filling you space with fresh air and lovely fragrance.
  • Release tiny water particles Ionize essential oils into the air to humidify and refresh the air,eased our problem of dry eyes, dry cough,dry lips or mouth due to central heating and pollution or dry surroundings,keep face & skin moist and refreshing overnight.
  • Calm Your Mood:Fill the air with lovely fragrances that can uplift spirits,relieve stress, and bury unpleasant smells (like cigarette smoke, pet odors, and dirty laundry)

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250ml Car Water Drop Type Cool Mist Humidifiers Mini USB Aroma Diffuser Air Purifier with 7 Colorful LED Lights

Name: Drip Mini Humidifier

Capacity: 250ml

Packing: Color box

Material: ABS

Switch: Key type

Material: ABS

Color: White (colorful changes)

Size: 12*15cm

Product Features:

1. On-board atomization humidification Purification

2. Home Aromatherapy Humidification function

3. Can add essential oil, aromatherapy oil, shape new

Product Features

  • Safe and Easy to Use: 100% safe.And it is very easy to use,just fill with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.Fill the space it was with a lovely fragrance that can lift your mood and relieve stress from Stressful and tired day
  • Ultrasonic Technology – Ensures super quiet, consistent operation no matter the setting so your living space is evenly humidified with healthy, soothing mist. Prevents dry, smelly air and chapped skin during winter or when in dry locations.
  • Air Ionization – Ultrasonic technology also negatively ionizes the humidified air particles, allowing them to combine with positively ionized particles, including viruses and pollution particles, forcing them to drop out of the air. Research has also shown positive benefits for circulatory and nervous system health.
  • Calm Your Mood: Fill the air with lovely fragrances that can uplift spirits, relieve stress, and bury unpleasant smells (like cigarette smoke, pet odors, and dirty laundry)
  • Perfect for bedroom, study, office, living room, bathroom, yoga, SPA, conference room, baby room, etc. Can be used as an Aromatherapy Diffuser/Humidifier/Air Purifier/Night Light. Also perfect for gifts.

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HLH-CTRL Car Humidifier Creative Type Ultrasound Atomizer Home High Capacity Air Filter


Low noise, separate water tank, water point power protection

Applicable area: 31-40 square meters

Water tank capacity: 4.1-6.0 liters

The number of fog: 1

Operation: mechanical

Timing function: no timed

Water shortage protection: support

Power supply: AC power

Shape: Fruit

Noise: 36dB or less

Rated voltage: 220 (V)

Rated power: 25 (W)

Applicable to: home

Product Features

  • Low noise design, will not bother you
  • Separate large water tank, base separation, add water, can be adapted to 8-12 hours
  • Apple base, solid cute, water tank switch, water injection convenience
  • Two-color indicator light, the normal use of green, water when the red alarm
  • Protect your machine from water

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Air Purifier – eTTgear HEPA Type Air Cleaner UV Sanitizer and Odor Reductio with SPA and Oil Diffuser

Product parameters
* Color: White (at the same time can be customized Kitty powder, TIFFANY BLUE)
* Name: Net beauty desktop type air purifier
* Size: X 105mm X 333mm 80mm (long x wide x high)
* Weight: 0.85Kg
* Purification efficiency (CADR): second-hand smoke (34) / dust (35) / pollen (35)
* Noise: 2835dB Rated voltage: 5V DC
* Rated power: 2W Air volume (CFM): 30m fand /h
* The concentration of negative ions: 3 million fand pcs/cm

Recommended use of the environment:
1. Desktop, especially suitable for office environment;
2. Home office, Entertainment Desktop environment;
3. Bedside cabinets, mute design is especially suitable for the whole night and provide clean air negative oxygen ion protection for healthy sleep;
4. Children learning desktop, for children to learn, the game provides clean air;
5. Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions, hotels, clubs, offices and other public places;
6. There are pregnant women, children or the elderly family, the family pet;
7. The people are affected by asthma, rhinitis, pollen allergy, respiratory diseases and other troubled home.

The world’s first ultra quiet design flow fan 38 air automatic rotating pendulum shaft head high.
Global Initiative for personal office, learning, sleeping and other regional scenarios to create a fresh air supply solutions.
Global initiative will be the three filtered air mixed with fresh negative ion direct delivery and coverage to the personal head of the range of beauty.

Package Included:
* 1x Air Cleaner
* 1x User Manual

Product Features

  • Air Cleaner captures 99.99% of airborne pollutants, pet dander and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Reduces odors, freshens the air, and absorbs volatile airborne pollutants.
  • PlasmaWave technology kills germs, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause disease.
  • Less is more ,Visual security is guarnteed:Anti-toppling ,power supply from phone charger USB for safe use of people,even children.

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Honeywell HEPA -Type Replacement Filte – air purifier accessories

HEPA filter + carbon all in one, fits Honeywell enviracaire models 16060 and 83198. This filter measures approximately 5″ x 9″ x 1 7/8″ and the HEPA filter is 99.97% effective at removing particles as small as .3 microns from the air that passes through the filter. For optimum performance, replace filter every 6 months.

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Winext portable Car Air Purifier, 3M HEPA type Ionizer, Air cleaner, Ionic air purifier, Car Air Freshener,Ionizer Oxygen Bar with 5V DC Car Adapter

Winext Car air purifier:
Double way of Purification
1.Negative ions purification: 5Million uper high concentration anion to have Purification of formaldehyde, dust, smoke etc
2. 3M company Filter: 4 in1 pre filters + electrostatic dust removal filter (HAF Technology) Effectively sterilization, Inactivated influenza bacteria,Eliminate allergens and filter PM2.5
Unique design: Internal air duct structure,super quiet purification.
Unique customized high quality ball fan with long time and large blow rate.
Appliance 3-5 ㎡.
Work Noise 20DB
Winext portable air purifier is a patented product that stands out on its world among the other small car/home purifiers in the market.
Why you should use our air ionizer purifier?
Indoors or outdoors, in the air there are some particles which are threatening your health especially in the car small space. Asthma prevalence unfortunately raises year by year and more and more people are diagnosed with breathing-related issues. To protect our health against invisible air particles and bacterias – gas, smokes and others, we’ve developed this unique Ionizer Device which achieve THE BEST air purification result out there.
Do a simple test as follows, you will see result by your eyes
a) Make some smoke into a clear plastic bottle and make sure the smoke don’t escape
b) Cover the smoke filled plastic bottle over the purifier
c) Power on the purifier, wait for 15 sec, you should witness the smoke being dispelled
This smoke odor eliminator (air ionizer for home / for car) can be used outdoor, indoor and in the car. it will remove smoke odor or dispel the smoke from a car or your room, besides that, it has many other advantages – as mentioned above – it can also be very effective in preventing many different kind of bad smells, and even remove bacteria and many bad pollutants in the air.
The accessories are not including home adaptor, car charger in included.

Product Features

  • First purification: Our Winext Car air purifier use imported 3M company filter (4 in1 pre filters material effectively destroy the influenza virus, bacteria and pollen in the air ; HAF electrostatic filter effectively purified PM2.5, dust, haze in the air)
  • Second purification: Our Winext Car air purifier have 5 Million negative Ions to purify as nature does after a thunderstorm. The ionizer creates negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander and other allergens and then, once the positive and negative ions are bonded together, they become too heavy to float, and no longer affect the air quality of the surroundings
  • Support car adaptor 12V and Micro USB DC5V input, unit thickness is only 3cm, fashionable design.
  • Improving air quality and removing unwanted smoke, odors, pollen,air propulsion, dust and more, suit for car space or office desk. Whatever you feel or not, the negative ion will keep you a healthy space and improve immunity.
  • We are the manufacture, life time warranty offered of our winext portable air purifier.

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