XIDUOBAO MINI E-co Friendly Ultra Quiet Portable Ionic Air Cleaner, Air Purifier, Perfect for Personal use

-Color: White -Weight: 28.3g
-Dimension: 0.82in*0.78in*3.15in
-Material: PC/ABS -Battery: Lithium polymer battery -Noise Level: less than 20 dB
-Operates up to 10 hours after a full charge
-Ideal for personal use wherever you want to go
Package Contents
1 x Air purifier 1x Charging base

Product Features

  • Size: 0.82in*0.78in*3.15in
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Power it and just press ON/OFF button/working modes button, once the LED indicator light is on, it means that it’s working
  • XIDUOBAO air purifier can always be in your respiratory system 1 cubic meters range
  • Refine Your Taste of Life: When tired and need relaxation, XIDUOBAO aroma diffuser would fill your space with lovely fragrance that helps to lift mood, release pressure from work, cover unpleasant smell of smoke & pet odors.
  • Get good night’s sleep: With upgraded ultrasonic Technology, it is whisper-quiet and diffuses aroma oil creating a relaxing and good smell environment.

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